• To apply for a Scholarship all applicants must first apply to the MBSC MBA
  • Please fill the information in English
Scholarships will be awarded to student(s) who best meet the requirements set forth by the Scholarship Committee.

Award amounts are at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee.

The Selection Committee will review and score all submitted applications. Applicant’s references may be contacted by email or phone. The Scholarship Committee may choose to interview applicants. The scholarship recipients will be notified by email, and a scholarship may be awarded either at the same time or after you are offered a place at MBSC.

Guidelines for the MBSC Scholarship Program

All applications and supporting documents must be received by the deadline, please visit the web-site at

Student must complete the application form and all requested documents must be uploaded.

Two types of Scholarships are available;

  1. Merit-based Scholarship:
    are based on a student's academic and extraordinary abilities, and often factor in an applicant's extracurricular activities and community service record.
  2. Merit and Financial Need-based Scholarship:
    Financial need is the difference between the price to attend MBSC and the family’s ability to finance that price. This award is on the basis of the academic and financial need of the student and all documents must be uploaded.